Team Communication

Software Implementation with HeroTask How HeroTask Excels at Software Implementation

At HeroTask, our goal is complete customer satisfaction. We want to make sure that every user feels comfortable with the product, but more importantly we want to ensure a smooth transition when it comes to the implementation of our software. When it comes to implementing a new software, it can seem quite daunting, especially if […]

How to Create a Task Fast in the HeroTask Platform Create a Task for a Hundred People in Under a Minute

  So how long does it take to assign a task in any task management software? Not long! In many of the current task management platforms on the market,  you can create a task in only minutes, which is great! We’ve developed an infographic to illustrate just how fast it is to create a task […]

Human Resources, Company Culture and HeroTask How You Can Use HeroTask to Help Grow Your Company Culture

A good company culture is something every organization wants to have. When employees are engaged, they love their jobs! And you want your employees to be happy. At HeroTask we’re always looking for ways to grow our own company culture, and ensure we have a happy and engaged team. From company outings to craft-beer Fridays, […]

How to Have Fewer Logins with HeroTask! (Infographic)

  These days, there are so many team productivity and workflow tools out there! From Slack to Trello, Survey Monkey and more, there are so many platforms to make your life easier. The flipside of that is that your team needs to remember a crazy pile of logins and passwords every day. At HeroTask, our […]

Task Management Features We Love- Meet the HeroTask Team!

  At HeroTask, our team loves the HeroTask Task Management platform. And we’re passionate about customer success. So we develop every feature and create every process with you in mind. Our innovative team has so much fun thinking of ways to boost customer productivity. And since they’re so engaged in making HeroTask the best it […]

HIPAA Compliance and the HeroTask Platform

  If your organization has access to Protected Health Information (PHI), HIPAA and/or PIPEDA compliance should be your number one priority.   When sending patient documents, it’s vital to ensure that you’re using a process that is compliant with the applicable privacy laws in your country.   Whether you’re operating in the U.S. or Canada, […]

Ban the Time Crunch by Solving Issues Before the Due Date

  You try to be proactive. But with everything you’ve got to do in a day it can be difficult to stay on top of everyone’s progress. And sometimes, your task management can suffer.   Ever assigned a vital task and been assured the deadline would be met, only to get to the day itself […]

Increase Employee Engagement for Increased Profits

  Want to up productivity and keep your team happy? Of course you do! And one of the best ways to increase employee productivity is to keep your team connected and communicating. In a study by the McKinsey Global Institute, productivity was found to increase by between 20-25% in organizations that take care to make […]

Four Tips for Balanced Team Communication

  Leadership is tough­– the bottom line is, as a leader you’re there to get results, and when goals and deadlines aren’t being met, you have no choice but to address the issues with your team. The problem is that people don’t always take criticism quite as well as we’d like, and it can be […]