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Using HeroTask to Improve Interviewing Practises
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Hi Everyone! I’m back again for another article on how human resource professionals can use HeroTask to succeed. So let’s jump right back into it. The topic this time? Interviewing.


In the last post, we talked about how HeroTask helps create an intuitive recruitment pipeline. This helps you to better track your company’s current job postings.


If your recruitment pipeline is complete, and you have a pool of potential candidates, we’re good to go. Now we can focus on interviewing your potential candidates.


If you’re not organized, interviewing can turn into a nightmare. From phone screens to in-person interviews, it’s important to be spot on. Otherwise, you won’t attract the right talent.


In the first screenshot, you can see an example of a potential interview pipeline.


Much like the recruitment pipeline, you can track each step of the interview process. From phone screens to in-person interviews and sending offer letters, the details are important.


And for those really important tasks, make sure they have the highest priority level.


Interviewing Pipeline Example 1

Now, let’s dive a little deeper into this pipeline. You have to have your interview process clearly laid out. This way, you take away any confusion for team members by defining each step of the interview process.


Another way to streamline your interviewing process is to use checklists. Once the interview is over, cross them off the list. See the example below:


Interviewing Pipeline Example 2

Once you’ve interviewed your candidates and have made a decision, its time to make them an offer. And you can even do that in HeroTask.

Interviewing Pipeline Example 3

Once the potential candidate has either accepted or denied the offer, simply mark it off. Then you can let the rest of the team know so they can start prepping for on-boarding.

Now we’d like to hear from you. What is your interview process like and how can we improve it?

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