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How You Can Use HeroTask to Improve Recruiting Practices
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Human Resources plays an integral role in any company. After all, HR has a hand in the inner workings of the company, as well as working in the background.

Their goal?

Ensuring you have the best possible team and enabling happy employees. Both of which in turn will make you more profitable.

In the first of a series of posts, I am going to show you can use HeroTask to optimize recruitment. From interviewing to employee onboarding, the platform can make recruiting more efficient.

The first topic that we are going to discuss in this blog series is on recruitment.

Everyone knows that recruiting can be a lot of work. This is especially the case when filling more than one position at the same time. There’s writing job postings and getting them online. Then there’s the interviewing and sending out offer letters. There’s so much to do– it’s important to stay organized.

This is where we come in.

With HeroTask you can help manage all your Human Resources and recruitment needs in a neat and compact pipeline.

In the first screenshot below there is an example of a recruiting pipeline.

You can track positions based on importance. You can track the status of each position, i.e. whether it’s paused in your system or a position you’re currently hiring for.

And even better, you can assign a priority level and dates to the positions that are most important.


Another feature we offer is checklists. With checklists, you can notify your team when you’ve posted each position. You can also attach job descriptions for quick reference when organizing your recruiting pipeline.

Recruiting pipeline

Once you post the position, cross it off your list, and notify your team.

Look out for my next blog, coming soon, which will talk about interviewing and HeroTask.

For more information on how HeroTask can improve your recruitment needs, contact us for more information.

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