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How You Can Use HeroTask to Help Grow Your Company Culture
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A good company culture is something every organization wants to have. When employees are engaged, they love their jobs! And you want your employees to be happy.
At HeroTask we’re always looking for ways to grow our own company culture, and ensure we have a happy and engaged team.
From company outings to craft-beer Fridays, and lots in between, HeroTask is all about growing a great culture. We want our employees to feel valued and to create lifelong bonds with each other.
But how do you grow your companies culture if you don’t know where to start?
Do you send a barrage of polls from different websites? Do you ask them to fill out forms, create lists of things they would like to see implemented in the company?
At HeroTask, we have some suggestions for building a positive, engaged company culture.

HeroTask and Company Culture!

In one of our previous blogs, Rachelle talked about all the ways HeroTask helps out with team communication and employee engagement.
Well, HeroTask can also be used to further company culture.
How? By using polls.
If you have ideas about how to improve company culture, you can use the HeroTask Poll feature to poll your employees.
You’ll gather valuable feedback on what’s working, what isn’t working, and what your employees want to see with regards to culture!
The best part? Your team doesn’t have to respond with one of the preset answers– they can comment, and even attach images.
The HeroTask poll feature helps to keep employees engaged, providing ideas, and gather feedback. It’s a great tool for building company culture.
Over the next several weeks, we’ll be writing more on HeroTask and how it works in an HR capacity to help your company run smoothly.
In the meantime, we’d love to hear your thoughts on organizational culture! How do you keep your team engaged?

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