Task Management Features We Love- Meet the HeroTask Team!

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At HeroTask, our team loves the HeroTask Task Management platform. And we’re passionate about customer success. So we develop every feature and create every process with you in mind.

Our innovative team has so much fun thinking of ways to boost customer productivity.

And since they’re so engaged in making HeroTask the best it can be, we thought it would be a good idea to chat with some of the HeroTask team members about their favorite features.

Let’s see what they said!

Jeff Craft, Developer, HeroTask

Jeff Craft, Developer, HeroTask
Jeff Craft, Developer, HeroTask- Jeff loves the HeroTask Card View!

Rachelle: Jeff, it’s clear that you’ve put your heart and soul into building this platform. I’m wondering, if you had to choose one, which HeroTask feature was the most exciting for you to build?

Jeff: The Card View. I get a sense of satisfaction when moving a card to a completed column rather than checking a box or pushing a button to say it’s done.

Having the chance to build this myself was a real treat. This is a complex feature, from the front end right through to the back end.

I love building complicated features that really make me think.

It’s going to be a great feature to help our customers to track their tasks and stay organized.

Jesse Johnston, Customer Support Rep, HeroTask

Jesse Johnston, Customer Support Rep, HeroTask
Jesse Johnston, Customer Support Rep, HeroTask– Jesse loves the ‘viewed’ feature!

Rachelle: Jesse, you’re an awesome customer support rep, and anyone can tell you love the HeroTask platform.

My question to you is what feature do you love most?

Jesse: My favorite feature about HeroTask would be the ‘viewed task’ feature.

The platform allows someone from corporate or head office the ability able to set a task or tasks for any individual groups or users.

They’re then able to see when the tasks have been viewed by assigned users. It’s great for managers who need to track tasks.

I also love the direct message feature- it makes communication so much quicker and eliminates email.

David Hallin, Lead Developer, HeroTask

David Hallin, CTO and Lead Developer, HeroTask
David Hallin, CTO and Lead Developer, HeroTask- David loves assigning tasks in the HeroTask platform!

Rachelle: David, I know you’re crazy about the HeroTask platform, but I’m curious. Of all the features in HeroTask, which one do you think will have the greatest impact on customer success?

David: I think the feature that will have the greatest impact on customer success is the way we assign tasks.

Most task managers require you to create a task and assign it.

You can assign to multiple people, but if any one of those people completes it, it says that the task is complete for everyone.

So you end up creating 100 duplicate tasks, each assigned to groups, or individuals who all need to complete it.

HeroTask allows you to create one task, assign it to groups, locations, or users. Then it allows you to have the whole team required to complete it, or have any one team member finish and sign off on it.

It’s a huge time savings.

So there you have it, another satisfying day for the HeroTask team, doing what they love. At HeroTask, our whole team is working to keep you organized and productive. organized and productive.

For more information on how HeroTask will change the way you work, contact us today!

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