Ban the Time Crunch by Solving Issues Before the Due Date

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You try to be proactive. But with everything you’ve got to do in a day it can be difficult to stay on top of everyone’s progress. And sometimes, your task management can suffer.
Ever assigned a vital task and been assured the deadline would be met, only to get to the day itself and find that not everyone got the job done?
We know! It’s the worst!
The panic, the mad scramble.
Then there’s the explanations to all those other departments that were counting on your team to be deliver.
With HeroTask, you’ll never need to scramble again.

How HeroTask Can Help

Now in the HeroTask platform, when you create a task, you can set a follow-up task to remind you to check in before the deadline.
This allows to check in with those staff members who haven’t yet completed their tasks.
So you can get in there and figure out why.
It’s proactivity at its finest. And the best part?
You’ll only be reminded to check in with those who are not on track. Which means you’re not being inundated with information you don’t need.

The Benefits of Pre-Deadline Check-Ins

But keeping things on track is not the only benefit. A proactive check-in before your deadline can help regulate team stress and improve communication.
After all, your team works hard, and if there’s one thing you know, it’s that whenever possible, they give it their all.
Pre-deadline check-ins are a great opportunity. They allow you to delve into any obstacles, open the conversation and remove any barriers.
It’s a great way to get a feel for what your team needs to succeed. It can also be a guide to how you can help them achieve victory, which helps you improve as a leader.
It’s clean, it’s simple and it keeps you on your game.
Want to hear more about how HeroTask can help you ban the time crunch?

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