Increase Employee Engagement for Increased Profits

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Want to up productivity and keep your team happy? Of course you do! And one of the best ways to increase employee productivity is to keep your team connected and communicating.

In a study by the McKinsey Global Institute, productivity was found to increase by between 20-25% in organizations that take care to make their employees feel united.

Just think of what that translates to in terms of team culture and increased revenue!

Taking a look at your team’s connectedness is a great way to assess whether you should implement systems for better communication and ultimately, productivity.

Start by asking yourself– how is your team communication, really? Is your communication and clarification taking place mainly through inbox? Or does your team have a way to reach out to each other via instant messaging for more instant and reciprocal conversation?

How does your current communication system contribute to your overall productivity?

Are your team members asking for clarification and then waiting for several hours for you to get back to your desk and sift through your inbox?

If so, a faster, more direct channel would skyrocket your team productivity.

Many of the managers we speak with have fallen into the status quo trap– things have always been done a certain way in their organization, so it can be difficult to assess objectively and implement change.

At many organizations, email is the primary method of interaction, along with the company intranet.

But are those methods working for you? Probably not as well as you think they are.

In a 2017 study by Carleton University, researchers have found that office workers now spend an average of one third of their time in their email, and 30% of those emails are of low priority.

And as for intranets.. the adoption rates in many organizations are notoriously poor.

Which is why a clear, honest assessment of your situation is all the more important as far as breaking down the barriers to increased productivity, and of course increased revenue.

That’s where HeroTask comes in– we provide a fresh and effective solution for increased team communication and task management to help you unite your team.

For more information on what HeroTask can do to increase your revenue, call today!

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