Four Tips for Balanced Team Communication

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Leadership is tough­– the bottom line is, as a leader you’re there to get results, and when goals and deadlines aren’t being met, you have no choice but to address the issues with your team.

The problem is that people don’t always take criticism quite as well as we’d like, and it can be difficult for a team member to take our feedback in context and isolate it from our relationship as a whole.

But this can be hard to remember, especially when juggling multiple departments, projects and responsibilities and delivering feedback on the fly.

We tend to say what we need to in order to get the job done, without taking the time to consider the impact of our criticism on overall team dynamics.

In leadership, this is the brittle point, it’s where breakage can occur- relations can become strained, the chasm opens and the next thing you know, dysfunction is the norm for your team.

With dysfunction comes mediocrity, and the stress of leading a team that doesn’t take ownership.  But while we don’t have control over how our feedback is received, we definitely have control over the delivery.

At HeroTask, successful teams are our obsession, so we’ve put together some tips for leaders who want to improve team dynamics when the going gets rough.

Stay Mindful

Being mindful of the way you deliver negative feedback can go a long way toward preserving the bond between you and your team members. Team building is a cornerstone of high performance teams, and that means you need to tailor your communication accordingly.

By delivering your feedback in the most constructive way, you’ll improve team dynamics, bringing you one step closer to a high-performing team.

It’s a Two-Way Street

Being a great leader means being approachable, and that also means opening the door to suggestions and feedback from your team. Great leaders are always working on their leadership skills, and being open to different viewpoints is paramount to developing as a professional.

The drawback is that we don’t always want to hear the negatives, and sometimes we even run the risk of opening ourselves up to negativity being expressed for the wrong reasons. Be sure to stay aware in terms of receiving your feedback- don’t dismiss the negatives, but be sure to keep things in context.

Balance Your Feedback

As with anything in life, the best leadership skills are built on balance, which means that balancing any negative feedback with positivity is crucial.

Make sure you’re taking the time to appreciate the goals your team is hitting, the deadlines they’re making and the projects they’re delivering great results on. Not only will it help keep your relationship in harmony, it’ll help your team take pride in their accomplishments, and that’s enough to make anyone want to strive for greatness.

Come From a Genuine Place

For many leaders, the stress of constantly working to achieve tight deadlines and drive growth can make it tough to keep things in perspective– it can be hard to stay positive and to see the good in things when you’re under continual pressure.

Remember to take the time to really reflect on the value each team member brings to the table, and be sure that you really do recognize the good in your team. When we’re interacting with others from a less-than-genuine place, rest assured that they can tell.

If you’re really having difficulty finding positive feelings about your team performance, it’s probably something you need to delve deeper into, but for many leaders, taking a few moments to get back in line with how much you really appreciate your team can be a rejuvenating experience, and that’s just good leadership.

Because a happy team is a successful team.

I’m not asking you to take your eye off the bottom line, never that. We all know that business is a serious undertaking, and your team needs to understand both what they’re doing right, and where there’s room for improvement.

We at HeroTask love nothing more than a balanced, productive team, and nothing brings out your team’s productivity like clear expectations and communication.

That’s why we built the most powerful team-oriented task management platform you’ve ever had the pleasure to use.

Book a Demo today and let HeroTask optimize your team communication.

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