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Running an efficient, cohesive team is every manager’s dream. It just makes sense. Happy, cohesive teams work better. They take satisfaction in achieving together, and ultimately, they succeed.

But for many supervisors, there can be a huge disconnect– a chasm between them and their team members. After all, with the multitude of details and challenges we’re called on to tend to everyday, connecting with our teams and building healthy dynamics can be tough.
In a study by the University of Phoenix, it was found that 70% of respondents advised that they felt they were part of a dysfunctional team. The good news is that teams love engaged leadership. Statistics show that well-managed teams are 50% more productive and 44% more profitable.
Because a well-managed team is a happy team, and a happy team is a productive team.
So what makes a happy team? A strong leadership example, for one thing.
First of all, the desire and ability to communicate both the company and team vision is vital to engaging your team.
Realistic goal setting is important too. Being in touch with the day-to-day activities of your team allows you to set healthy goals and expectations. Nothing widens the gap more than a team’s perception that their boss doesn’t have a clue what they do in a day.
And third, clear communication is a must, which can be a challenge for managers who travel or have a diverse range of teams and/or projects.
With HeroTask, you can put the absent leader to rest.
With our elite team communication features, you can stay in touch with your team and demonstrate engaged leadership every step of the way.
So whether you’re on the road or just taking care of business, your team can reach you instantly, anytime and anywhere.
With HeroTask notifications, you can alert your team instantly to any new tasks or assignments.
HeroTask also uses read receipts so you have the reassurance of knowing that your team has received your messages.
To see how HeroTask can enhance the way you communicate with your team, book a free demo today.

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